They are back. In this lengthy episode, Michael Maduell and Rachel Pether return to the podcast to tackle a number of issues and events in the world of mega institutional investors. In preparation of Saudi Aramco’s planned IPO, Pether talks about bond issuances and sukuks occurring in the Gulf region. Maduell banters about Turkey’s mission to create a strategic development sovereign wealth fund (SDSWF) in the midst of geopolitical maelstrom. We talk about ESG investing and whether the scope of it should be broadened. Bangladesh wants to make a sovereign wealth fund – how likely will that happen?

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1:05 Sukuks, Bond Issuances and Debt Raises in the Gulf Region
3:15 No Debt Rating?
6:10 Turkish Sovereign Wealth Fund
8:00 Vice Investing
11:15 India and Affordable Housing
13:30 Opioid Epidemic in the United States
14:40 Rethinking ESG
19:00 Diving Deeper into Company Exclusion (The CalPERS’ Case)
25:00 Bangladesh Sovereign Wealth Fund

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