This is the fourth episode of Global Connections. We continued the fast-paced discussion on Brexit and its impact on institutional investor confidence. Rachel and I wove a number of issues together such as asset owners and infrastructure, real estate and M&A in the Middle East, particularly on NBAD’s future corporate strategy. We tossed around the idea of Hong Kong attempting to partake in mainland China’s one-belt one-road initiative. There was a risky leap toward discussing Louisiana’s proposed wealth fund and an innovative leather company.

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0:50 – Market Updates, Brexit, Eurozone Banks
6:06 – Gulf M&A: Consolidation in Financial Institutions
11:04 – HKMA Forms Group to Foster Infrastructure Culture
14:20 – Briefing on Iran NDF Salary Issue
18:00 – Chatting About Louisiana’s Proposed Sovereign Wealth Fund
22:15 – Wealth Fund Backs Leather Company

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